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Join us for Alpha Online!

Official registration has ended-- but if you would like to join for one session or the remaining sessions, feel free to contact Pastor Dave Lim at 9229 9459!

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of 12 online, interactive sessions where people can freely explore the basics of the Christian faith, life and God.

Alpha Online kickstarts with a 30 minute video followed by small group discussions where we will look into a topic that explores questions of life and faith.

When will Alpha Online begin?

Alpha will be hosted every Tuesday evening from 7:30-9:30pm for five weeks on Webex starting from 5 October until 2 November.

There will also be an in-person meeting on Saturday, 30 October from 9am-1pm.

Alpha Online Schedule & Topics

5 Oct -   Session 1: Intro- Is There More to Life Than This?

              Session 2: Who Is Jesus?

12 Oct-  Session 3: Why did Jesus die?
              Session 4: How can I have Faith ?

19 Oct-  Session 5: Why and How do I pray?
              Session 6: Why and How Should I read the Bible?

26 Oct-  Session 7: How Does God guide us?
              Session 8: Who is Holy Spirit ?

*30 Oct- Session 9  What does the Holy Spirit do?
              Session 10 How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit ?

2 Nov-   Session 11: Does God guide us ?
              Session 12: What about the Church ?

* 30 Oct (Sat)- Onsite 9am to1pm

Image by Jon Tyson
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